Masking Tape


Cantech Economy Industrial Masking Tape - 48mm x 55m

This tape is made of crepe paper backing coated with a natural rubber adhesive. Designed for non-critical masking application, bundling, labeling and holding. Good balance between paper and adhesive. Thin crepe paper providing good tensile and elongation. Excellent natural rubber adhesive delivering good initial tack and holding power. Smooth unwind and easily hand-tearable. For short term non-critical applications. Excellent "Production" tape. Holding and bundling. Designed for indoor application. Total Thickness: 5.0 mils; Elongation: 9%. Adhesion: 26 oz/in; Tensile Strength: 18 lbs/in.

Cantech Production Grade Masking Tape - 24mm x 55m

Applications: Protective purposes in manufacturing process. Splicing tape. Light bundling and packaging. Saturated crepe paper backing. Thermoplastic rubber adhesive. Benefits are thinness, conformability and tears easily. Total Thickness: 4.5 mils. Adhesion: 45 oz/in; Tensile Strength: 16 lbs/in. Natural color.

Cantech® 109-07 Premium Safe Tack Masking Tape

Our most versatile masking tape. Its special adhesive formula gives this tape characteristics of both rubber and acrylic adhesive. The tape bonds quickly but won't damage surfaces to which it's applied. It can stay on indoor surfaces for over 7 days. Adhesion remains stable over time. Removes cleanly even after long application. Paper provides excellent conformability and tear resistance. Medium quick stick, light adhesion. For use on regular, semi-delicate and delicate surfaces. Recommended where the tape needs to be removed up to seven days after application. For masking application where UV resistance is required. Designed to resist most paint and lacquer. Green.

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